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Handbook of Accreditation

The nine sections of the Handbook of Accreditation contain various guidelines adopted by the Board of Commissioners.
handbook section 1 Section One  An Introduction to Accreditation by the Commission on Accrediting (03/18/14)
Section Two  Guidelines for Conducting an Institutional Self-Study (08/19/14)
Section Three  Guidelines for Institutions Receiving Commission Accreditation Evaluation Committees (08/14/14)
Section Four  Guidelines for Members of Accreditation Evaluation Committees (08/14/14)
Section Five  Using the Commission Standards of Accreditation in Institutional Evaluation (08/14/14)
Section Six  Guidelines for Petitioning the Board of Commissioners (10/22/14)
Section Seven  Guidelines for Evaluating Globalization in Commission Schools (2005)
Section Eight  A Reflective Guide to Effective Assessment of Student Learning (08/08/14)
Section Nine  Guidelines for Evaluating Library and Information Resources (09/2006)