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Handbook of Accreditation

The nine sections of the Handbook of Accreditation contain various guidelines adopted by the Board of Commissioners.
handbook section 1 Section One  An Introduction to Accreditation by the Commission on Accrediting  (updated 03/18/14)
Section Two  Guidelines for Conducting an Institutional Self-Study (updated 03/18/14)
Section Three  Guidelines for Institutions Receiving Commission Accreditation Evaluation Committees (updated 06/13/14)
Section Four  Guidelines for Members of Accreditation Evaluation Committees (updated 07/17/14)
Section Five  Using the Commission Standards of Accreditation in Institutional Evaluation (updated 10/21/13)
Section Six  Guidelines for Petitioning the Board of Commissioners (updated 06/13/14)
Section Seven  Guidelines for Evaluating Globalization in Commission Schools (updated 2005)
Section Eight  Guidelines for Evaluating Theological Learning (updated 2005)
Section Nine  Guidelines for Evaluating Library and Information Resources (updated 09/06)