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Barbara G. Wheeler

Barbara G. Wheeler is the former director of Auburn’s Center for the Study of Theological Education, which she founded in 1991 while serving as Auburn’s president—a post she held for thirty years. She served as director of the Women’s Theological Coalition of the Boston Theological Institute from 1976 to 1978. She has recently completed a study of seminary students and will soon publish a study of seminary governance, carried out under the auspices of The Association of Theological Schools. She is principal author of numerous research reports, most recently “Leadership That Works,” on seminary presidents and senior administrators, and she has contributed to and edited a dozen volumes on the future of mainline Protestantism, congregational studies, and theological education. Wheeler is coauthor of Being There: Culture and Formation in Two Theological Schools (Oxford University Press), a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and an ordained elder in the United Church of Granville, New York.