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Institutional Peer Profile Report Order Form

ATS offers the Institutional Peer Profile Report (IPPR) to the member schools as a statistical resource. Schools may identify no fewer than five and no more than 15 ATS member institutions they consider to be “peers” on the basis of any of a number of institutional characteristics (i.e., size of enrollment, annual operating budget, denominational affiliation, etc.) and compare their school’s statistics with those of their “peers.”

The data are presented in a format that maintains the confidentiality of the peer institutions’ information by providing the peer group figures as a total average or median.

Member schools are entitled to one IPPR annually free of charge; additional reports will be provided at a charge of $100 each. The completed IPPR and any necessary invoice will be mailed to the member institution's chief executive officer, and other persons requesting the report should advise the CEO before the order is placed.