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Yury P. Avvakumov, University of Notre Dame Department of Theology

Sacraments and the Politics of Recognition, ca. 1054–1204: Early Scholasticism Meets Post-Iconoclast Byzantine Theology

Avvakumov’s project will provide a comprehensive narrative and offer new perspectives on the relations between the Latin West and the Byzantine East during the twelfth century—a period of ecclesiastical and theological history that is crucial for understanding the origins of the rift between Eastern and Western Christianity. Through extensive use of primary sources, Avvakumov will identify the major events of church history, the personalities, and the theological issues that determined the relations between the Latin West and the Byzantine East from the events immediately following the “Schism of 1054” to the eve of the conquest of Constantinople by the crusaders in 1204. His study will focus on the encounter between the churches of Rome and of Constantinople including the role of Slavic (Bulgarian and Kyivan) Christianity. Avvakumov will present a balanced picture of the Western and Eastern developments, exploring what impact the theological, ecclesiastical, and political encounter between “Latins” and “Greeks” had on the development of ecclesiological self-awareness of the churches and the idea of the Church in the Latin West and the Byzantine East.