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Financial Issues Research (ECFFM)

Data and reports produced by schools and other entities conducting financial issues research:

Auburn Center for the Study of Theological Education: 
  • Taming the Tempest: A team approach to reducing and managing student debt (2014)
  • The Gathering Storm: The Educational Debt of Theological School Students (2005)
  • A Call to Action: Lifting the Burden, How Theological Schools Can Help Students Manage Educational Debt (2014)
  • Through Toil and Tribulation: Financing Theological Education, 2001-2011 (2014)
  • Great Expectations, Fundraising Prospects for Theological Schools (2009)

"The Cost Disease in Higher Education," The Tanner Lectures, Stanford University

"Give Me a Break: Why the UK should not aspire to a 'US-style' culture of charitable giving," Charities Aid Foundation, 2014

"How Much is Too Much: Evidence on Financial Well Being and Student Loan Debt," Center on Higher Education Reform

"Money Matters on Campus: How Early Financial Attitudes, Knowledge, and High School Preparation Influence Financial Decisions," 2014

"Stewards of Abundance Final Research Report," ELCA, 2014

"Stewards of Abundance Evaluation," ELCA, 2014

“The Well-Lived Pastoral Life:  Summary of Results from the Initial Survey,” Matt Bloom, PhD, The Flourishing in Ministry Project, 2010

"Young Adults, Student Debt, and Economic Well-being," Pew Research Center

Check back for more data and reports.