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Sarah B. Drummond

Sarah B. Drummond serves Andover Newton Theological School as dean, and serves Yale Divinity School YDS) as visiting professor of ministerial leadership. She began her service to Andover Newton in 2005, teaching courses on ministry and directing Andover Newton’s historic Field Education Program. In 2007, she was promoted to associate dean, and in 2010 to associate professor with tenure. She was elected dean in 2011, and served in that role through some tumultuous times for the school. Drummond came to YDS as one of the five members of the Andover Newton faculty participating in the 2016–17 visiting year. She is now the senior on-site administrator for Andover Newton Seminary at YDS. In addition to teaching and advising at YDS, Drummond is helping to coordinate an extensive process through which Andover Newton will create both a strategic plan for the institution and ministry education program for students. In addition to service to Andover Newton and YDS, Drummond is a member of The Association of Theological School’s Board of Commissioners, where she also serves on several committees focused on the future of theological education. Her two books include Holy Clarity: The Practice of Planning and Evaluation (Alban, 2009) and Leading Change in Campus Religious Life: A Case Study on the Programs for the Theological Exploration of Vocation (Scholars’ Press, 2011). Drummond earned her MDiv at Harvard University Divinity School and her PhD in urban education at University Christian Ministries at the University of Wisconsin.