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Task Force Engagement with ATS Membership Groups

During the first year (2018-2019) of this two-year project, the Task Force on the Redevelopment of ATS Commission Standards and Procedures hosted more than 50 focus group meetings involving more than 700 participants from nearly 200 ATS schools at various ATS-sponsored and ATS-related events to gather input from key constituencies.  ATS-sponsored events included the annual conferences for chief financial officers in November, chief executive officers in December, chief development officers in February, student personnel administrators in March, and chief academic officers in April.  ATS-related events include the annual meeting of DMin directors in April and one or more ATLA regional conferences for theological librarians this past spring. A series of focus group meetings with about 100 students from more than a dozen ATS schools occurred in the spring of 2019.

The Task Force also hosted regional consultations with Canadian members, as well as sought input from those attending annual meetings of AAR, Evangelical Seminary Presidents and Deans, NACTS for Catholic seminary educators, African American Presidents and Deans, Asian Descent Presidents and Deans, and Latino/a Presidents and Deans, including consultations with various denominational groups.

In addition to these key interactions in 2018-2019, the ATS staff also made presentations and facilitated conversations regarding the proposed redevelopment in 2017-2018 with the following nine ATS and ATS-related groups (totaling nearly 300 participants from more than 150 ATS schools):  ATS CAOS (Deans) Conference in March 2017, ATLA (Librarians) Conference in June 2017, ATS CFO (Financial officers) Conference in November 2017, ATS Board of Directors Meeting in November 2017, ATS Presidents Intensive in December 2017, ATS Board of Commissioners Meeting in February 2018, Evangelical Seminary Deans Council in February 2018, ATS Midcareer Faculty Roundtable in April 2018, and ATS Educational Models and Practices Project Forum on Faculty Development in June 2018.