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2014 Changes Approved by Board of Commissioners

Among the more significant changes approved by the Board of Commissioners at its February 2014 meeting are these:

  • New or revised policies in the Board’s Policy Manual that address
    •   Clearer criteria for requiring focused visits vs. reports (II.C.14)
    •   Simpler process for requesting visit exemptions for new extension sites (III.A.1.e)
    •   New process for closing or relocating approved extension sites (III.A.1.f)
    •   Simpler annual monitoring criteria for member schools (Appendix 1)
    •   Expedited process for reviewing some petitions and reports (Appendixes 3 and 7)
    •   More flexible policy on program revisions (Appendix 3, section 3.e)
    •   Clearer policy on approving extension sites (Appendix 6)
    •   New policy on use of ATS Commission database data (Appendix 9)
    •   Proposed guidelines for new midterm quality improvement report (Appendix 10)   NOTE: This new report (described in revised Commission Procedures VII.D.3) is subject to approval by the Commission membership at the ATS Biennial Meeting in June 2014.