• New data reveal stable enrollment but shifting trends at ATS member schools

    The 2016 Annual Data Tables have been posted, and they reveal a picture characterized by overall stability but complicated by underlying shifts in demographics and preferred degree programs.

  • seminary presidents

    Looking back from the end of the road: 7 insights from a retiring seminary president

    Veteran president Michael Cooper-White offers the wisdom gleaned from 17 years heading Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg.


  • online theological education

    Online learning at ATS schools: Part 2—looking around at our present

    In this second installment of a two-part article, accreditor Tom Tanner looks at what we have learned from the present state of online learning in member schools.

  • women in theological education

    Women in ATS schools: 8 data points for conversation

    These statistics are worthy of discussion at any member school that aspires to greater representation and success of women among its students, faculty, or administrators. 

  • faculty self-promotion

    Tips of the trade: self-promotion for humble scholars

    In a 20-minute video, two seasoned publishers present helpful reasons and strategies for faculty to stop hiding their light under a bushel.

  • Now that’s a great question!

    In the latest Data Matters blog post, a query on behalf of one school has implications for all.

  • Words and numbers

    In his latest blog post, Dan Aleshire muses about the challenges of interpreting multi-dimensional text and data.

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This site is designed to provide resources for all those interested in theological education--faculty, administrators, students, and the public.

The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) is a membership organization of more than 270 graduate schools that conduct postbaccalaureate professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. The Commission on Accrediting of ATS accredits the schools and approves the degree programs they offer.

In addition, ATS Programs and Services offers educational events and other resources designed to assist member schools with identification of  best practices, development of peer networks, production of research, and exploration of data. See upcoming event offerings below or search under the Resources tab above.

ATS membership is open to schools in the Christian and Jewish faiths. The current membership represents the full range of Christian denominations, including schools in mainline and evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions, as well as multidenominational and nondenominational schools. Schools representing other faiths and other organizations interested in theological education may become Affiliates of ATS.

2018 ATS Centennial Biennial Meeting
Denver Marriott City Center
June 20 & 21


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Apr 27

The ATS Technology in Theological Education Group (TTEG) will host this free webinar.

May 16 to May 17

By invitation; The focus of this concluding meeting will be the experience and results of the schools’ efforts during the year.

Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 14 to Sep 15

By invitation; Offered by the staff of the ATS Commission on Accrediting, this workshop is for ATS member schools with evaluation visits scheduled in the fall... READ MORE

Pittsburgh, PA