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Self-Study Handbook

The Self-Study Handbook (formerly the Handbook of Accreditation) was reformulated in November 2014 to focus more clearly on the self-study process to help schools prepare for accreditation visits. The former Section Six (Guidelines for Petitioning the Board of Commissioners) has been relocated as a stand-alone document referenced on the Petitions web page. The former Sections Seven and Eight have been renumbered accordingly as Chapters Six and Seven. The former Section Nine on evaluating libraries (last updated in 2006) has been removed since that concern is addressed in Chapter Five on the library standard.

Self-Study Handbook

Self-Study Handbook


Chapter One  An Introduction to Accreditation by the Commission on Accrediting (01/30/15)
Chapter Two 

Guidelines for Conducting an Institutional Self-Study (07/20/16)

Chapter Three  Guidelines for Institutions Receiving Accreditation Evaluation Committees (09/02/15)
Chapter Four  Guidelines for Members of Accreditation Evaluation Committees (03/05/15)
Chapter Five  Guidelines for Using the Commission Standards of Accreditation in Institutional Evaluation (03/09/15)
Chapter Six  Guidelines for Evaluating Globalization in Commission Schools (07/20/15)
Chapter Seven  A Reflective Guide to Effective Assessment of Student Learning (03/05/15)