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Interim Reports

Accreditation is an ongoing process that involves more than an evaluation visit every ten years. Between comprehensive visits or in conjunction with focused visits, the Board of Commissioners often requires interim reports of member schools. These are intended to address areas of concern or insufficient information regarding one or more standards of accreditation. Among the more common types of interim reports required by the Board are those dealing with assessment, finances, governance, and planning, though the range of topics can be quite broad (from enrollment to faculty workload).

Since the Board of Commissioners reads scores of reports at its semiannual meetings, the most helpful are those that focus clearly and concisely on the issue(s). Enough information is needed for readers not familiar with that school to have a context (generally covered in a brief introduction that also cites the Board’s actual concern), but too much information is not helpful. Reports are to include actual evidence that the concern has been or is being addressed (with any extended documentary support provided in an appendix). Reports that cover simple issues may be as brief as 2–5 pages, while those addressing more complex issues might be 10–15 pages plus an appendix.

All reports are due at the date specified by the Board of Commissioners. Please submit your report and any appendices as a PDF document to the director of accreditation services. (If your version of Word is earlier than 2010 and does not have the capability to save to PDF, please save and attach as a Word file.) Two copies of the report and one copy of any appendices should be mailed to

Director of Accreditation Services
ATS Commission on Accrediting
10 Summit Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15275-1110