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Self-Study Handbook

The Self-Study Handbook (formerly the Handbook of Accreditation) was reformulated in November 2014 to focus more clearly on the self-study process to help schools prepare for accreditation visits.


Self-Study Handbook

Self-Study Handbook


Chapter One  An Introduction to Accreditation by the Commission on Accrediting (01/30/15)
Chapter Two 

Guidelines for Conducting an Institutional Self-Study (07/20/16)

Chapter Three  Guidelines for Institutions Receiving Accreditation Evaluation Committees (11/07/16)
Chapter Four  Guidelines for Members of Accreditation Evaluation Committees (03/05/15)
Chapter Five  Guidelines for Using the Commission Standards of Accreditation in Institutional Evaluation (03/09/15)
Chapter Six  Guidelines for Evaluating Globalization in Commission Schools (02/15/17)
Chapter Seven  A Reflective Guide to Effective Assessment of Student Learning (03/05/15)