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Upcoming Events

Oct 21 to Oct 23

By application; This year’s annual conference, Strategies for Inclusion in the Twenty-First Century: A Will to Change, is designed for advancing female administrators who desire to become presidents, academic deans, or other senior administrators in theological education. The conference also allows women to develop relationships with other women leaders, to offer educational programming targeted to their specific experience levels, and to provide space for the professional development of women as administrative leaders in theological education.

Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 30

By application; A gathering designed for ECFFM schools that are looking at alternative funding models for students, including fundraising and alternative loan strategies.

Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 5 to Nov 7

By invitation. The class of 2014–15 Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology will meet to present summaries of their research and to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion of their projects with conversation facilitators and invited guests.

Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 11 to Nov 13

By registration; limited to the first 110 participants from ATS member schools. Plenaries and workshops will provide tools and peer learning to enhance the financial officer’s and technology professional's skills.

Phoenix, AZ
Nov 16 to Nov 17

By registration. This workshop—for current users of the Entering Student Questionnaire (ESQ) and Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ)—will address the basic use of the instruments and interpretation of the data, with a special focus on using the data for institutional assessment and its connection to the Commission Standards of Accreditation.

Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 2

Please be sure to have all applications received by the ATS office by the Wednesday, December 2, 2015 deadline.

Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 8

By application; A gathering designed for ECFFM schools that are pursuing significant partnerships with local congregations. This may include financial support of students, field education site development, and creative educational partnerships.

Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 9 to Dec 11

By registration; limited to those in their first three years in office. Experienced leaders will move new presidents through issues associated with the president’s role as CEO. Speakers will address the value in the equilibrium model, institutional advancement, faculty relations, and team building. This event is a prerequisite for the ATS Presidential Leadership Intensive Conference offered each January.

New Orleans, LA
Dec 14 to Dec 16

By application. Designed for academic deans in their first year or two of service, the school will provide new deans with important information and nurture the development of the skills that will make their work more effective and fulfilling. It will acquaint new deans with the resources available to theological schools through ATS, facilitate connections between academic deans serving within the distinctive world of theological education, and continue the process of formation into the vocation of the academic deanship.

Pittsburgh, PA
Jan 11 to Jan 12

By invitation. Annual conferences provide African American chief executive officers and chief academic officers of ATS member schools the opportunity to discuss areas of common interest and concern. This year's theme is It Takes a Village: Partnerships in Theological Education.

Rochester, NY
Jan 23 to Jan 24

By registration; open to all presidents serving in ATS schools "embedded" in colleges, universities, or other institutions. This optional seminar will address a variety of topics distinctive to these schools and give participants the opportunity to share wisdom and insights about their particular circumstances. It is designed to precede the Presidential Leadership Intensive Conference.

San Antonio, TX
Jan 24 to Jan 27

By registration. Open to all ATS presidents, this annual intensive (hear what last year's attendees had to say) will focus on timely issues related to the role of the president and on building skills for effective performance. Conference sessions cover topics featured in the Handbook for Seminary Presidents, with most topics covered at least once during the course of a three-year curriculum rotation. The optional preconference, Consultation for Presidents of Embedded Institutions, immediately precedes this event.

San Antonio, TX
Feb 23 to Feb 25

By registration. The 34th annual conference will offer workshops on topics related to annual giving, planned gifts, personnel management, internal and external collaboration, and communications, with opportunities for professional development and peer interaction in a distinctly theological context.

Phoenix, AZ
Apr 13 to Apr 15

By registration. This conference provides a collegial network for support and information sharing for recruitment officers, admissions directors, financial aid officers, registrars, deans of students, housing staff, and career services staff. Practical how-to workshops, complemented by broader presentations common to those who work with students, will be the focus. This year's theme is Creating Holistic and Seamless Learning Environments in Student Affairs.

Phoenix, AZ
Apr 15 to Apr 17

By nomination of academic dean. Faculty in the middle stage of their careers will gather to discuss issues of common concern and to explore next steps as they experience life after tenure and emerge into leadership positions in their institutions.

Phoenix, AZ
Jun 27 to Jun 28

By registration. A preconference for deans is scheduled to take place in conjunction with the 2016 ATS/COA Biennial Meeting and will offer professional development opportunities, a collegial network, and a context for nurturing the vocation of chief academic officers and visioning its future development. This year's theme is “The Academic Dean and Shared Governance."

St. Louis, MO
Jun 28 to Jun 30

More details coming soon . . .

St. Louis, MO