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Upcoming Events

Apr 21

By registration. This webinar (a repeat session of the webinar held on April 7, 2015) will highlight a number of the themes found within "A Reflective Guide to Effective Assessment of Student Learning," (chapter seven of the Self-Study Handbook) and will suggest simple and sustainable ways for member schools to do assessment well.

Online webinar
Jun 12

By application; A gathering designed for ECFFM schools with financial literacy programs including for credit courses, cocurricular forums, and mentoring programs.

Dallas/Fort Worth TX
Jun 22 to Jun 23

By invitation. ATS is inviting representatives from a group of ten to fifteen member schools to discuss their institutions' partnerships, how they could be strengthened by ATS programming, how other schools could learn from these schools' efforts, and the feasibility of ATS pursuing its global engagement initiative with programming focused on partnership relationships.

Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 14 to Sep 15

By invitation. Offered by the staff of the ATS Commission on Accrediting, this workshop is for ATS member schools with evaluation visits scheduled in the next two to three years. It provides contexts and opportunities for participants to engage with one another and with the staff to obtain experience and tools for constructing appropriate, adequate, and effective institutional self-studies in preparation for comprehensive and initial evaluation visits. This will be the only self-study workshop offered during this academic year; schools are invited to send up to two participants. Registration is free of charge, but schools will be responsible for payment of travel and housing expenses for their representatives.

Pittsburgh, PA
Sep 24

By application; A gathering designed for ECFFM schools that are exploring the theology of debt and finances in a significant way whether through individual courses, larger community discussions, faculty research, or other venues.

Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 9 to Oct 11

By nomination of academic dean. Designed for faculty who have completed their first or second year in an ATS member school, this event will address the unique vocation—both individual and corporate—of theological educators. Academic deans will reflect on what they have learned from working with faculty, and faculty members will share their experiences of surviving and thriving as theological educators.

Chicago, IL
Oct 21 to Oct 23

By application; This year’s annual conference, Strategies for Inclusion in the Twenty-First Century: A Will to Change, is designed for advancing female administrators who desire to become presidents, academic deans, or other senior administrators in theological education. The conference also allows women to develop relationships with other women leaders, to offer educational programming targeted to their specific experience levels, and to provide space for the professional development of women as administrative leaders in theological education.

Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 30

By application; A gathering designed for ECFFM schools that are looking at alternative funding models for students, including fundraising and alternative loan strategies.

Pittsburgh, PA
Nov 5 to Nov 7

By invitation. The class of 2014–15 Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology will meet to present summaries of their research and to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion of their projects with conversation facilitators and invited guests.

Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 2

Please be sure to have all applications received by the ATS office by the Wednesday, December 2, 2015 deadline.

Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 8

By application; A gathering designed for ECFFM schools that are pursuing significant partnerships with local congregations. This may include financial support of students, field education site development, and creative educational partnerships.

Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 9 to Dec 11

By registration; limited to those in their first three years in office. Experienced leaders will move new presidents through issues associated with the president’s role as CEO. Speakers will address the value in the equilibrium model, institutional advancement, faculty relations, and team building. This event is a prerequisite for the ATS Presidential Leadership Intensive Conference offered each January.

New Orleans, LA