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Upcoming Events

Jan 12 to Jan 13

By invitation. Annual conferences provide African American chief executive officers and chief academic officers of ATS member schools the opportunity to discuss areas of common interest and concern. This year's theme is Lift As We Climb.

Raleigh, NC
Jan 25 to Jan 28

By registration; open to all ATS presidents. This annual intensive will focus on timely issues related to the role of the president and on building skills for effective performance. Conference sessions cover topics featured in the Handbook for Seminary Presidents, with most topics covered at least once during the course of a three-year curriculum rotation. The Seminar for New Presidents in ATS Institutions is a prerequisite for attendance at this conference.

San Antonio, TX
Feb 6 to Feb 8

By invitation. Faculty and staff will gather to discuss a research project developed to discover the past, present, and future of the Association's Committee on Race and Ethnicity (CORE).

Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 24 to Feb 26

By registration. The 33rd annual conference will offer workshops on topics related to annual giving, planned gifts, personnel management, internal and external collaboration, and communications, with opportunities for professional development and peer interaction in a distinctly theological context. This year's theme is New Models for New Times: Boldness in Theological Fundraising.

San Antonio, TX
Mar 5 to Mar 6

By nomination of academic dean. Faculty in the middle stage of their careers will gather to discuss issues of particular interest to racial/ethnic faculty as they emerge as leaders within their schools. The 2015 Roundtable Seminar for Midcareer Faculty will immediately follow this gathering.

Orlando, FL
Mar 6 to Mar 8

By nomination of academic dean. Faculty in the middle stage of their careers will gather to discuss issues of common concern and to explore next steps as they experience life after tenure and emerge into leadership positions in their institutions.

Orlando, FL
Mar 18 to Mar 19

By registration. This consultation—immediately preceding the 2015 Academic Officers' Conference—is designed to give women deans in theological education the opportunity to gain peer support as they work to enhance their leadership. It consists of guided conversations, along with planned times of rest and replenishment. This year's theme is New Models for New Times: Women Deans Managing Educational Change.

Chicago, IL
Mar 19 to Mar 21

By registration. Conferences are scheduled each year to provide educational and professional development opportunities, a collegial network, and a context for nurturing the vocation of the academic officer and envisioning its future development. This year's conference—immediately following the 2015 Women in Leadership Deans' Consultation—will have plenaries and workshops structured around the theme of New Models for New Times: Managing Educational Change.

Chicago, IL
Apr 8 to Apr 10

By registration. This conference provides a collegial network for support and information sharing for recruitment officers, admissions directors, financial aid officers, registrars, deans of students, housing staff, and career services staff. Practical how-to workshops, complemented by broader presentations common to those who work with students, will be the focus. This year's theme is New Models for New Times: Managing Educational Policy Change in Student Personnel.

San Antonio, TX