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New Faculty

When faculty members begin their work at theological schools, they inevitably face large tasks and significant adjustments. There are new courses to be created, new colleagues and students to meet, and new dynamics and institutional culture to explore and understand. In addition to those general demands of higher education are the distinctive challenges and opportunities of teaching in a theological school. ATS convenes periodic seminars designed for faculty who have completed their first or second year at a member school. These seminars address the unique vocation—both individual and corporate—of theological educators. Academic deans reflect on what they have learned from working with faculty, and faculty members share their experiences of surviving and thriving as theological educators.

Tips of the Trade: Self-Promotion for Humble Scholars

Julia Kostova, senior editor in the humanities at Oxford University Press, and Patrick Alexander, director of the Pennsylvania State University Press, present helpful reasons and strategies for self-promotion. The recording includes 20 minutes of presentation and a half hour of important questions and responses.

ATS Webinar for New Faculty--Online Learning: Good News for New Faculty

Brooke Lester, director of digital learning and assistant professor of Hebrew Scriptures at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, describes important benefits of online engagement, particularly for new faculty.  He incorporates creative suggestions for moving from in-person to online environments and addresses how formation can take place in a  “content-specific” online course.

ATS Webinar for New Faculty—Dissertation to Book:  The Seven Secret Secrets that Guarantee Publication

Baylor University Press director, Carey Newman, returns to share how to approach turning your dissertation material into your (first) book. He names hard and realistic expectations initially, but stay with the presentation for true, hopeful nuggets in the latter half! 

ATS Webinar for New Faculty—What They Tell You and What They Don't: Conversations with the Dean on Promotion and Tenure

Louisville Seminary dean, Susan R. Garrett, provides important perspectives on promotion and tenure, outlining critical principles and concrete steps toward success in what can often be a difficult journey of professional advancement. One webinar attendee said, "Another great webinar! Thank you!"

Don't miss the four key steps highlighted in this presentation!

ATS Webinar for New Faculty—Publishing 101: What to Expect, What to Do

Baylor University Press director, Carey Newman, explains the ins and outs of publishing and demystifies what may seem an obstacle-ridden process with his transparency. Feedback from a webinar attendee: "Well worth being late to my next conference! Glad I stuck around!"

Relevant and timely questions addressed throughout, the presentation is something you'll want to return to multiple times!

Recording information may give incorrect video length. Prepared comments are about half an hour, with questions/responses interspersed throughout for a total video length of about an hour.

ATS Webinar for New Faculty: Establishing a Research Agenda

Popular presenter, Andrea C. White, Assistant Professor at Candler School of Theology of Emory University, provides fresh perspectives on establishing your research agenda. White offers a balanced approach to scholarship and emphasizes the need for community and the integration of research and teaching. Watch the webinar for specific strategies on how!