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Strategic Information Report

Strategic Information ReportThe Strategic Information Report (SIR) is designed to provide ATS member schools with a variety of strategic indicators to help assess their overall financial strengths and performances. It is also a useful tool in providing analytical resources for strategic planning.

The newly redesigned SIR is modular so that different chapters can be used with different audiences. Chapter 1 provides a high level overview of a variety of metrics that can be used with an institution’s board or cabinet and includes a dashboard on these essential elements of fiscal strength. Chapters 2 through 4 offer ten-year trends on student admissions, enrollment, and completions. Chapter 5 presents important financial resources and ratios. Chapter 6 analyzes key giving throughout the decade. Chapter 7 provides an overview of faculty demographics. Collectively, these almost fifty reports can be a marvelous tool for strategic thinking and planning. View a sample SIR to learn more.

The SIR is sent to CEOs of member schools during the spring of every odd-numbered year. Requests for an ad-hoc production of the SIR or questions about the SIR can be directed to Chris A. Meinzer, Senior Director of Administration and CFO at ATS.