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Student Data

ATS Student Data Services offers useful tools for schools to understand and track their students and alumni/ae, benchmark their findings in the context of trends in theological education, and inform the work of assessment.


The Entering Student Questionnaire (ESQ), Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ), and Alumni/ae Questionnaire (AQ) track demographics, levels of debt, motivations for entering seminary, satisfaction with the effectiveness of the education received, and professional plans and experiences. 

Profiles of Ministry

The Profiles of Ministry (POM) program helps those preparing for ministry discern areas of strength and areas in which they might want to grow, as well as their styles of ministry and preferred ministerial settings.

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All of the above are offered as a fee for service and are supported by semiannual workshops and regular webinars.

For more information on the "Qs" and POM, please contact Meghan Niskach.