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Committee on Race and Ethnicity

The work of the ATS Committee on Race and Ethnicity in Theological Education (CORE) addresses both the concerns of racial/ethnic persons in theological education and institutional practices. The purpose of the committee includes leadership development of racial/ethnic persons; collecting data on the hiring, retention, and promotion of racial/ethnic persons at member schools; and emphasizing mentoring by and for racial/ethnic persons to ensure their retention and enhance their well-being.

In light of this, ATS will be facilitating a series of webinars throughout 2013–15 to provide ongoing support for the forty schools that participated in the "Preparing for 2040" consultations. The intent is to solidify the gains that have been made, to explore other relevant issues, and to help schools take the necessary steps as they prepare their students to educate and minister in multicultural settings.

Until the 2040 research is completed and incorporated into an updated set of resources for member schools, ATS provides the Diversity Folio to assist schools in considering issues of race and ethnicity.


Leah Wright
Administrative Assistant,
Faculty Development and Initiatives