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Stephen Graham, “The ATS Educational Models and Practices Project: Wide-Ranging Research to Address Challenges and Embrace Opportunities for Theological Schools in North America,” Theological Education 50, no. 2 (2017): 47–77.

Ten things for consideration in the next accrediting standards: learnings from the Educational Models and Practices project. Stephen Graham in Colloquy Online, June 2017.

What must not be lost? Preserving the essential ingredients in theological education. Video in Colloquy Online, May 2017.

Inter-group conversations introduced at Educational Models and Practices Peer Group Forum. Lisa Kern in Colloquy Online, April 2017.

Midpoint reflections on Educational Models project—peer groups share 10 themes. Stephen Graham in Colloquy Online, November 2016.

"Time for a reset" in theological education: 200 gather to discuss innovation at Education Models and Practices Forum. Eliza Smith Brown in Colloquy Online, March 2016.

The Educational Models and Practices project: 10 things we’ve learned so far. Deborah H. C. Gin with Eliza Smith in Colloquy Online, October 2015.

Hear what members of the Educational Models and Practices Advisory Board have to say about the importance of this initiative.

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