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Membership Process

Membership Process

Membership Process

Schools wishing to become members of The Association of Theological Schools must complete the Associate Membership Application Form pursuant to the Procedures Related to Membership in The Association of Theological Schools. The application fee is $5,000, invoiced in two installments (see pages 1-2 of the application form, linked above). The deadline for submitting the application is September 1 of the year preceding the upcoming ATS/COA Biennial Meeting, which is held in June of even-numbered years (i.e., the next submission deadline is September 1, 2023, in advance of the 2024 Biennial Meeting).

Schools wishing to renew Associate Membership should follow the Guidelines for Renewing Associate Membership. Schools that are already Associate Members and desire to pursue initial accreditation should consult the Guidelines for Achieving Initial Accreditation.

Once the application form is complete with all appendices thoroughly prepared, click to apply: Submit Completed Application

NOTE: If you are a current ATS member school CEO or CAO submitting a letter of support, click here to submit your letter by email (PDF attachment of 1-2 page(s) recommended).

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