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Institutional Data

Institutional Data

Institutional Data

The Commission on Accrediting maintains an institutionally based database on member schools that functions for in-house administrative use as well as public information.

Reports using these data include:

All data reported to the Commission that are NOT currently reported in the Annual Data Tables, in the Membership List, or in the school's own catalog are considered confidential and are not given or reported in any manner that would jeopardize this confidentiality.

ATS Member Address List Request

ATS member address lists are available to ATS member schools and Affiliates with the names of the institutions' chief executive officers or chief academic officers. Custom lists for specific administrative officers or faculty members can also be requested. Availability and pricing for custom lists is determined on a case-by-case basis. Mailing address lists will be emailed in a Microsoft Excel file. Please note that ATS policy is not to provide email addresses. For further information, please email Alissa Horton.

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