Memphis Theological Seminary

A Charge to Keep I Have: Reimagining Seminary with the Black Church

School Information

  • Member School: Memphis Theological Seminary
  • Location: Memphis, TN
  • Country: United States
  • Primary Denomination: Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Project Information

  • Initiative: Pathways for Tomorrow Phase 2
  • Project Title: A Charge to Keep I Have: Reimagining Seminary with the Black Church
  • Project Description: Memphis Theological Seminary's Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative project is the creation of the House of Black Church Studies (HBCS). The House of Black Church Studies aims to cultivate and support current and aspiring pastors and lay congregational leaders who have limited access to ATS-accredited theological education. HBCS activities and events include Institutes, seminars, courses, and workshops.
  • Project Area: Church vitality and equipping lay leaders | Engaging publics and contexts | Marketing and recruitment | Non-degree and continuing/lifelong learning | Upskilling pastoral and ministerial leaders
  • Project Start Date: 22-Jan-01
  • Project End Date: 27-Jul-31
  • Project Amount: $1,000,000

School Informatics

The following information reflects information reported to ATS in fall 2021 near the start of this Pathways grant phase:
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  • Number of Students (FTE): 99
  • Number of Full-Time Faculty (FTE): 9
  • Student-to-Faculty FTE ratio: 11:1
  • Expenditures, Year Prior (see Annual Data Tables, T-1.2): $3,714,930
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