Missio Theological Seminary

The Polis Center

School Information

  • Member School: Missio Theological Seminary
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Country: United States
  • Primary Denomination: Inter/Multidenominational

Project Information

  • Initiative: Pathways for Tomorrow Phase 2
  • Project Title: The Polis Center
  • Project Description: The Polis Center is designed to equip bivocational pastors for ministry in the 21st century and to equip Christian professionals to better live out their faith at work.
  • Project Area: Engaging publics and contexts | Organizational partnerships and networks | Spiritual direction and student formation | Student affordability and resourcing | Upskilling pastoral and ministerial leaders
  • Project Start Date: 22-Feb-01
  • Project End Date: 26-Dec-31
  • Project Amount: $998,475

School Informatics

The following information reflects information reported to ATS in fall 2021 near the start of this Pathways grant phase:
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  • Number of Students (FTE): 151.5
  • Number of Full-Time Faculty (FTE): 6
  • Student-to-Faculty FTE ratio: 25:1
  • Expenditures, Year Prior (see Annual Data Tables, T-1.2): $3,269,109
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