Newman Theological College

Pathway to Ministry

School Information

  • Member School: Newman Theological College
  • Location: Edmonton, AB
  • Country: Canada
  • Primary Denomination: Roman Catholic

Project Information

  • Initiative: Pathways for Tomorrow Phase 2
  • Project Title: Pathway to Ministry
  • Project Description: Vocations to the Catholic priesthood in Canada have suffered in recent decades. Little empirical research has been done to understand the underlining causes for this turn, nor have coordinated strategies emerged within the context of the Canadian Church. To tackle this urgent problem, Newman Theological College has launched a three-pronged strategy: (1) to attract young candidates to leadership roles, (2) to strengthen leaders that serve Catholic youth, and (3) to build pathways among existing institutions that minister to youth. Our work is inspired by the legacy of Pope Benedict XVI and grounded in original and recent research into vocations.
  • Project Area: Diversifying students and curricula | Empirical data and research | Marketing and recruitment | Organizational partnerships and networks | Spiritual direction and student formation | Upskilling pastoral and ministerial leaders
  • Project Start Date: 22-Jan-01
  • Project End Date: 25-Dec-31
  • Project Amount: $986,510

School Informatics

The following information reflects information reported to ATS in fall 2021 near the start of this Pathways grant phase:
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  • Number of Students (FTE): 46
  • Number of Full-Time Faculty (FTE): 4
  • Student-to-Faculty FTE ratio: 12:1
  • Expenditures, Year Prior (see Annual Data Tables, T-1.2): $3,618,620
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