Trinity College Faculty of Divinity

Reimagining Contemporary Ministries for a Renewing Church

School Information

  • Member School: Trinity College Faculty of Divinity
  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Country: Canada
  • Primary Denomination: Anglican Church of Canada

Project Information

  • Initiative: Pathways for Tomorrow Phase 2
  • Project Title: Reimagining Contemporary Ministries for a Renewing Church
  • Project Description: This program focuses on four activities: (1) mentored missional experimentation based on the model of a "Creative Destruction Lab," (2) spiritual direction focused on preparing for innovative ministry, (3) "advisors in residence" from underrepresented ethnic communities to help reshape the faculty and its curriculum, and (4) developing a new "Introduction to Christianity" for individuals preparing for church leadership.
  • Project Area: Church vitality and equipping lay leaders | Diversifying students and curricula | Faculty development | Spiritual direction and student formation
  • Project Start Date: 22-Jan-01
  • Project End Date: 26-Dec-31
  • Project Amount: $994,460

School Informatics

The following information reflects information reported to ATS in fall 2021 near the start of this Pathways grant phase:
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  • Number of Students (FTE): 52
  • Number of Full-Time Faculty (FTE): 4
  • Student-to-Faculty FTE ratio: 13:1
  • Expenditures, Year Prior (see Annual Data Tables, T-1.2): $2,869,535
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