Resources for Using the Questionnaires

Resources for Using the Questionnaires

Resources for Using the Questionnaires

Along with the resources below, ATS has an online community for those administering and interpreting data from the student questionnaires. Visit Engage ATS and search for the “ATS Student Questionnaires” community.

General Information

Sample Questionnaires

2020 Entering Student Questionnaire 2020 Graduating Student Questionnaire 2020 Alumni Questionnaire
2013 Entering Student Questionnaire 2013 Graduating Student Questionnaire 2013 Alumni Questionnaire
2006 Entering Student Questionnaire 2006 Graduating Student Questionnaire 2010 Alumni Questionnaire

Sample Reports

Below are sample reports for the 2013 version of the student questionnaires. Updated versions of these reports will be added shortly.

View sample ESQ report          View sample GSQ report          View sample AQ report

Resources for Interpretation

Below are a series of guides that connect data from the ATS Student Questionnaires with the ATS Standards of Accreditation. Determine which version of the student questionnaires and Standards you are using to select the appropriate guide:

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