Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers

Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers

Resources to Teach Financial Literacy and Leadership

Through the Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers Initiative, a number of resources have been created to help theological schools educate students in the areas of financial literacy, theologies and ethics of money, and financial leadership skills for ministry.


Course syllabi

More than 30 course syllabi related to these topics can be found in the Syllabi Archives maintained by the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion under the heading “Religion and Economics.”


Financial planning resources

Theological/historical reflections

Videos for use with students

  • series of videos designed to navigate issues of financial responsibility (Candler Theological Seminary)
  • video highlighting the financial challenges and decisions made by five recent graduates of theological schools (Auburn Seminary)
  • 5-minute video highlighting some of the theological issues around debt and finances at theological schools
  • 4-minute video on the importance of preparing future ministers for financial leadership

Newsletters related to faith and finance

  • For church leaders:  a series of e-newsletters focused on finance, management, law, and tax issues (Church Law & Tax)
  • For the religious community and fundraisers of faith-based organizations: a biweekly e-newsletter (The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving)
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