29 Apr 2024
29 Apr 2024

Why Online Learning Programs Need Instructional Designers

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By registration; Administrators focus on developing and coordinating academic and student programs. Their work often includes long-term planning, fundraising, maintaining student records, and providing student services. Educators and instructors design curriculum, mentor students, teach classes, and evaluate academic performance. So, whose job is it to integrate online learning into the overall school experience, train faculty to be online educators, and evaluate the effectiveness of online learning for your institution?

Join Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock, president and principal consultant for The School of Global Citizenry, as she demystifies the crucial role of instructional designers as an indispensable partner in creating and maintaining successful online learning programs. She will discuss how instructional designers enable schools of theological education to design and deliver more effective and impactful online learning experiences. Time will be provided at the end of the presentation for questions.

This event is designed for various stakeholders in online education, including those involved in strategic planning, quality assurance, information technology, and student success. The second in a two-part instructional design webinar series, this recorded event is presented by the ATS Pathways Coordination Program for all interested ATS member schools.

View part one in the series: What Is Instructional Design Theory?




Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock

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Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock

Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock (she/her/hers) is co-founder and managing director of Tumbuh Global, an educational consulting company that uses the principles of global citizenship education (GCED) to facilitate growth and foster belonging among adult lifelong learners. She also serves as the president and principal consultant of The School of Global Citizenry, an independent, CEU certified, GCED online school of continuing education for adult learners from religious, social, and civic backgrounds—and training center for new and emerging online educators.


Andreolli-Comstock is a global citizenship specialist, international educational design consultant, international immersion guide, and seasoned organizational executive with more than 18 years of nonprofit and B Corp-spirited for-profit experience. She and her wife and co-founder, Mary Andreolli, provide instructional design and digital media consulting services for public and private institutions, denominational bodies, faith-rooted nonprofits, and corporations handling government contracts.


She is an ordained Alliance of Baptists minister, former anti-human trafficking specialist (Southeast Asia), former associate pastor, and former executive director of The Beatitudes Society and National Farm Worker Ministry. She received her MDiv from Baptist Theological Seminary in 2007 and a DMin from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in 2015 where she also serves on the Alumni Board of Directors. She is also serves on the leadership team for the Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry.


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Mon, Apr 29, 2024 , 1:00 p.m. ET
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