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Revised Questionnaires to be Released Fall 2020

In fall 2020, ATS will release new and improved versions of the Entering Student, Graduating Student, and Alumni Questionnaires. Key features of the revised questionnaires include:
  • mobile access for students,
  • more options for additional custom questions for institutions,
  • and questions that better capture the changing demographics, vocational goals, and educational models of ATS students and institutions.

The Entering and Graduating Student Questionnaires will be offered for free to all ATS member schools. In addition, plans are underway for ATS to offer the Alumni Questionnaire free on a regular basis.

For more information about the revision, please click on the links below. More resources will be added throughout the spring and summer of 2020.
  • A timeline for implementing the revising questionnaires
  • A preview of the new questionnaires
      o Entering
      o Graduating
      o Alumni
  • More information on the expanded options for custom questions
  • An updated pricing guide for the questionnaires (including the FREE Entering and Graduating Student Questionnaires) (coming soon)