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Upcoming Events

Jun 4

By registration. We’ve already taken a look at the “inventory“ of funding that is available under the various Coronavirus stimulus packages. Now let’s focus in on the specifics of three of those opportunities. In this webinar, we will look at PPP loan forgiveness, HEERF payments and the unique accounting challenges presented with these payments, and the deferral of employer’s tax payments.


Jun 5

By registration. Join us for this webinar on field education to learn more about:

  • How does distance change the operations and practices of field education in challenging ways?
  • How does distance change the operations and practices of field education in intriguing ways?
  • (Why) should you choose asynchronous or synchronous modes of learning?
  • What can interns learn from ministering remotely during a pandemic?


Jun 24 to Jun 25

By invitation; The Biennial Meeting will be centered around the theme of Quality. Clarity. Flexibility. Re-envisioning Theological Education for a New Generation. The membership will vote on the redeveloped ATS Commission Standards and Policies. #ATSBiennial2020


all sessions via Zoom
Sep 17 to Sep 18

By invitation; Offered by the staff of the ATS Commission on Accrediting, this online workshop is for ATS member schools with comprehensive evaluation visits scheduled in the fall 2022 semester. It provides contexts and opportunities for participants to engage with one another and with the staff to obtain experience and tools for constructing appropriate, adequate, and effective institutional self-studies in preparation for comprehensive and initial evaluation visits. Registration is free of charge.


Oct 2 to Oct 4

By nomination of academic dean; ATS will host this gathering (rescheduled from March 2020) for faculty members who are completing their first or second years in their institutions. ATS sees the exploration of vocation as the event’s overarching theme. Accordingly, two academic deans, two assistant professors, and two associate professors will share their own expectations and experiences regarding how an individual faculty member might not only survive, but hopefully thrive, within the shared vocation of a theological school. #ATSFACULTY2020


Jacksonville, FL
Oct 6 to Oct 8

By registration; This conference (rescheduled from March 2020) is structured around serving administrators from multiple areas of student services including admissions/recruitment, career services, enrollment management, financial aid, housing and student life, and registration. Persons like deans of students and directors who have broad oversight of other staff members working in these areas will also benefit from the practical how-to workshops and discipline-specific presentations and plenary gatherings. This year's theme is Re-envisioning Theological Education: Balancing Agility and Stability amidst Rapid Change. #ATSSPAN2020


Jacksonville, FL
Oct 13 to Oct 15

By invitation; This event (rescheduled from March 2020) is designed to launch a mentoring program enabling experienced women leaders to provide mentorship for younger women leaders over a period of three years. The pilot mentoring program will gather together ten mentors with three mentees each for this initial conference to set up the program and provide guidance for the process. This year's theme is Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders. #ATSWIL2020


Jacksonville, FL
Oct 21 to Oct 23

By invitation; The goal of this program is to increase the educational effectiveness of ATS schools in educating racial/ethnic students and all students in cultural competence. Twenty schools involved in a two-year project to develop their capacities to educate racial/ethnic students more effectively and/or work on educational practices to prepare all students for ministry in a multiracial culture will reconvene to share best practices emanating from the implementation of their educational strategies.



Pittsburgh, PA